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August 12, 2009
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Boom! Crash! Rumble! Boom! Thunder was rumbling threw the sky. It was suppose to be a normal day, sunny with a little cloud cover, though Mother Nature decided to ruin the plans of Miles Prower better known as Tails. His plans were simple, take the Tornado II out for a test flight after just finishing the installation of a new engine.

The rain was lightly pounding on the roof of Tail’s workshop, and could be heard in every room. Tails was currently located on his back porch the covering over him keeping him dry. The wind was blowing pretty hard, and even under the cover Tails couldn’t escape the wind. His tails were lightly swishing in the wind, and his fur rustling softly.

Tails looked out over the landscape, hoping maybe some small hope that the rain would end in at least another hour so he can take the test flight he very badly wanted to run. He looked towards the sky, his last adventure with Sonic was so long ago, and he missed the fun times that the adventures brought.

His friends were all in there homes, or somewhere waiting for the next adventure, or scheme from Eggman. “Mewl.” Tails jumped, something combined with not paying attention and surprise that he heard a cat make a noise with the rain. “Mewl.” The sound was weak, and close.

Tails looked towards the ground, trying to find the source of the sound. When he found the source he gasped. The sound came from a small kitten; it was on the ground, thankfully still breathing, but in bad condition. Running his hand over the kitten gently he looked around.

There was no one in sight, and he had no idea what to do. Gently raising her head the kitten mewled it was a weak mewl. Tails thought for a quick minuet and he knew where he had to go. “Cream!”

Cream the Rabbit was the closest friend to him, and also one of the few people Tails figured would be able to help. The problem was it was at least a ten minuet run to Cream’s house and it was raining so it would take a bit longer at least. “Stay her kitten, I’ll be right back.” Tails jumped to his feet, and ran inside, to get a towel.

He knew he had to help the kitten, he couldn’t let a poor animal suffer, and even though it was a long run in the rain he knew that he couldn’t help her no matter what was wrong, but he knew he could help by bringing her to Cream.

He found a towel and ran back outside. The kittens was where she was laying earlier, and with a small mewl, she was wrapped in the towel, a small attempt to get her warm, and keep her dry while Tails ran to Cream’s.

Tails stepped into the rain, no time for an umbrella and no time for much. The kitten was in his arms wrapped in the towel and he dashed out the door. The rain pounded on his body, and the towel, the run was hard and when he arrived at Cream’s without damage to his body or the kitten, he was relieved. Reaching out a hand, he knocked on the door, “Cream, its Tails, please open the door!” he screamed, not sure if he could be heard over the pounding rain, rumbling thunder, or the harsh wind.

The door opened and appeared Cream the Rabbit, in pajamas, she had already decided with the rain to settle down for the night, not expecting guests. “Tails! Come in, come in, why are you all wet, I’ll get you a towel, wait I see you have a towel, but it’s wet, lets me go get you one.” Tails chuckled at Cream’s strew of words, she must have been a bit hyper, she ran out of the room, and Tails smiled watching her go, Cheese her Chao following her.

Tails smiled, Cream was also nice and helpful, if not a little hyper at all times. She was a good friend, and knew what needed to be done to help. She was also one of the few girls that helped the group out and over time Tails has developed a small attraction for her, not that he is brave enough to act on it.

Cream returned about the time Tails entered her house, and closed the door taking some time just in case. “Cream, here.” Tails held out the towel and unraveled it, revealing the kitten inside “Please help her, I don’t know what’s wrong.”

Cream took the kitten from the towel and traded her with the new towel, which Tails used to dry off. “Cheese, get Mom, bring her to the kitchen.” Tails finished drying off and followed Cream into the kitchen Cheese flying off to find Vanilla Cream’s mom.

Five minuets latter in the kitchen one could find Vanilla working around the kitten, Tails and Cream behind her. “Done!” Vanilla’s voice rang, and a cheer could be heard. Vanilla stepped aside, quickly enough to not be trampled by Tails and Cream.

“Is she alright?” Tails asked first, Cream taking notice to the lack of bandages.

“Kitty is fine, she just needs some rest and food, I went ahead a fed her, and gave her some water.” Vanilla walked over to the kitten and lightly picked her up; “she’ll sleep in a small bed by the couch that I asked Cheese to prepare. She’ll be around by morning.”

Tails and Creamed followed Vanilla and smiled towards each other. The rain outside stopped and even though the sun had already set the moon was showing off a nice glow outside. “I need to return home Cream, if it’s okay with you I’d like to return here tomorrow.”

Cream smiled and followed Tails to the door. “I would love it for you to return, and I’m sure Kitty would love to thank you.” Cream smiled, “I’ll see you tomorrow, what time?”

Tails chuckled, “Noon.” Tails spoke, opening the door.

“See you then.” Cream bounded forward and hugged Tails. Tails turned red, and she let go, “Bye Bye!”

**Noon the Next Day**

Tails was at the door of Cream’s house at noon like he said he would be, he had already knocked and was waiting for Cream or Vanilla to open the door. His mind was rushing from the hug, he wasn’t so sure why she hugged him, but he did enjoy it.

He waited not even a minuet before Cream opened the door and screamed almost like a girl, “TAILS!THEKITTENISAWAKEANDRUNNINGAROUNDSHEISSOCUTE!” Cream was jumping up and down happy, her ears flopping every where, and Cheese flying every which way to avoid them.

Tails smiled, “Cream, calm down, and let me in, so I can see the kitten.” Cheese flew off, while Cream grabbed Tails hand and dragged him to the living room in a rush.

Once in the living room the duo could see the kitten orange in color; running around chasing Cheese. The duo laughed and the kitten stopped meowing loudly and running towards Tails. She stopped and sat down, tail wagging knowing that Tails was the one that helped her. “Hey there.” Tails knelt down and held out a hand, the kitten nuzzling into it, purrs emitting from the small throat. “Is she…Dawn aloud to stay here?”

Cream knelt down and frowned, “We can’t keep her, and I was hoping you could.”

The words shocked Tails, but he did nod, “Yeah I’ll take care of her.”

The next thing Tails new was that he was being hugged, and on the ground. “You are the best Tails.” Tails blushed and the hugged was stopped by the kitten meowing, wanting more attention. “Alright Dawn, let’s play.”

That day was filled with fun, excitement, and even a few awkward moments between Tails and Cream, usually involving a hug, or there hands touching. Came the moment of sadness for the both of them, Cream because Tails and Dawn were leaving, Tails because he wasn’t sure when he’d see Cream again, and that disappointed him. “I’ll walk you and Dawn back to your place.” Cream spoke, her voice a bit sad, but happy.

Tails nodded, and with Dawn, in his hands he and Cream left for his place. It was about half way home, when Cream said something that Tails, may have wanted to hear, but wasn’t prepared for. “T..tails th..think I can hold your hand.”

Tails blushed, sure that was what he wanted to hear, but he wasn’t prepared for it to be said. He looked over at Cream, who had her hand extended towards him. He nodded and moving Dawn to still be comfortable he took Cream’s hand, and entwined her fingers with his.

They walked joined at the hands to Tail’s Workshop and home. Once there and inside, Cream smiled and let go of his hand, “Do you have enough supplies to take care of Dawn?”
Tails frowned a bit, missing the feeling of Cream’s hand, warm and soft in his. “I have enough for tonight, I’m going to go to the store tomorrow and get what I don’t have.”

Cream nodded and hugged Tails, “Good by—AHHH!” Cream jumped Mother Nature decided to play her hand again, and thunder, lightening and rain boomed into life. “Rain!” She looked down, “Why now?”

Tails looked at Cream, and then towards Dawn who at the moment was on his couch looking at him, with a She can’t go home in this weather, invite her to stay here look. “Cream how about you stay here tonight, I can’t let you go home in this rain.”

Cream’s face lit up and she nodded, “Thank you Tails you are the be—AGHH!” Lightening flashed outside the window and Cream screamed again, not expecting the lightening crashing.

Cream clung to Tails, shaking, “Please, don’t leave, me.” Tails wrapped his arms around her, and led her to the couch. They sat down, Dawn finding a spot on Tail’s lap. “I’m scared.”

Tails pulled her closer, “I’m not going to leave you Cream, I’ll be here.” Cream smiled, though the smile turned into a look of fear, when another lightening bolt struck, and knocked the power out.

Cream jumped out of her chair, Dawn jumping with her. “Tails!” She was almost in tears.

“Cream I’m here, just give me a second, and.” Tails finished and a candle was lit. the glow lighting most of the room. “There all better.” Tails smiled and helped Cream off her sitting position on the floor and back on to the couch.

Later that night, when the window was cleared and could be seen threw, one would find the pair of kids, laying down on the couch Tails on bottom and Cream laying down on top of him, her head resting on his chest. Tails arms were wrapped around Creams, and Cream’s resting on top of his.

Dawn the kitten you ask? Well she was sleeping on the arm rest of the couch, she knew what she did, and was happy about it. She brought together a Fox and a Rabbit, Tails and Cream, and she liked it.
This is a requests from ~xKitsuna

I hope you enjoy it, I enjoyed writing it.

This is my first time writing an anime pairing story, the pairing being TailsXCream, if you didn't know that then wow...

This is also the first time I have tried a fluff piece, not sure I did great on that, and the ending sucked, but ah well

Tails and Cream (c) Sonic Team
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